As 2015 is drawing to a close, I am reflecting on all of the good things that happened this year. Absolute Skin celebrated a 25 year anniversary on November 1st  this year! It hardly seems possible, also meaning that I celebrated 29 years as an Esthetician working in this field. I still LOVE what I do everyday as much as I did the first day and actually probably even more. I feel so blessed and lucky to get to do something I love every day. I feel that’s rare these days from all of the clients I get to interact with on a daily basis. In these years, I have seen so many new products come and go. Some are fads and some have stuck. Some ingredients are golden and some are hype. I always do my investigative work and bring you the best.

Social Media keeps growing and changing. I find it hard to keep up and wish I had a Social Media Angel to handle that part. I find it so time consuming. I made a commitment to myself in 2015 to walk everyday so my Face Booking, Tweeting, and Instagramming suffered but I feel healthier!! Face Book closed my Absolute Skin account I started so long ago before they even had business pages. That made me sad. That’s where I really got to interact with my clients. The business pages are not the same. They really try to charge now to make them efficient or your followers have to know to sign up in order  receive your posts. So feel free to friend me on my personal page of Michelle Warzybok McKenney so we can interact again!! Please follow  my  Facebook pages. I have one for Absolute Skin, Absolute Miracle Cream, Absolute Miracle Lips. On Twitter you can follow AbsoluteSkinSP for and AbsoluteM. On Instagram, follow AbsoluteSkin and AbsoluteMiracleCream. See why it’s so confusing and takes plenty of time. In those cases, I’d rather be spending time with you in the treatment room!!!

Absolute Miracle is going strong and Absolute Miracle Men’s line is still in the works. I can’t wait until I can bring that to you. Fingers crossed for soon. Sometimes all we need is time and money. I have to say, it could be kind of fun if they were both endless. Certainly things could move faster!!!!

Remember, I always want to Rev you up for the New Year with 10% off all of your favorite products in the month of January. So please call and come in to place your orders. If you need some advice, feel free to book a free consultation to go over what your skin needs right here and now. Dermalogica has come out with quite a few new products in 2015. Feel free to ask for samples of anything !!!

I am wishing each one of you a fabulous 2016. Hoping all of your wishes, resolutions, and dreams come to life for you in 2016. I have some great things in the works at Absolute Skin and Absolute Miracle for you!!!