OFFER: 15-minute hair removal trial

Permanent Hair Removal in San Diego

Electrolysis has become a remedy to unwanted hair. If you have any frustration or insecurity around unwanted hair it is the ultimate solution.  You can say goodby to shaving, plucking and waxing for good!

Hanna is a licensed electrolysis practitioner in the state of California. She can remove hair from any part of the body. The only areas she does not prefer to treat are the inner ear canal, eyelashes and nostrils. Women who are pregnant can be treated after pregnancy is over.

Individual Electrolysis Treatment Rates:
• 15 minutes
• 30 minutes
• 45 minutes
• 1 hour

We can customize a discounted treatment package that addresses your hair removal needs.

Discounted Package Rates for 4 hours, 7 hours and 10 hours

Special Offers:
“First time clients Special” Receive a 30 minute treatment for the price of 15 minutes
“Refer a Friend” Enjoy 15 minutes of FREE treatment for EVERY friend you refer​

Payment options: Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard

For more information visit mariposaelectrolysis.com

Hanna Glenn“I enjoy the process of working with both men and women and the transgender community. Together, we will determine the best treatment options for you!”Hanna Glenn, Licensed Electrologist