The following is a list of our tried and true referrals and clients of Absolute Skin. Ask us about any one of these resources.

Absolute Miracle – Animal cruelty-free and eco-friendly skin care line that reduces wrinkles, increases skin firmness and evens skin tone using powerful peptides.

Absolute Skin Roller – Roll away the years with collogen induction therapy and laser alternative.

Adorations – gorgeous wedding and floral design

Adorn Gallery – international jewelry designers, custom jewelry and rare gems

Antonella Annibale – published author on make up. Personal instructor, workshops and styling for special events.

Dr. Jay Warren – a gentle approach to Chiropractic

Go West Design – training to manage your own mobile responsibe website, domain name strategy, internet marketing and payment plans

Electrolysis by Hanna Glenn from Mariposa

Our List of Preferred Non-Profit Organizations we Donate to:

Friends of Cats – no-kill philosophy has given thousands of cats the opportunity to receive the care and shelter.

Lions, Tigers and Bears – a big cat and exotic animal rescue in Alpine Califonia.

San Diego Humane Society and SPCA – We shelter and adopt animals, provide obedience training

Outside San Diego:

Face to Face Skin and Body Care located in Covina, CA by college Merryl Bender who carries Absolute Miracle® products

Tranquility Skin & Body Care – Santa Monica, California owned by colleague Lori Paulsen.

Pilates in South Park – a private classic approach to pilates with Cheryl Greaves

Simply Exquisite – Full wedding, month of package, or hourly support ~ so you can enjoy the moment leading up to your big day.

Sole-to-Soul – for the best healing foot reflexology treatment.

South Park Scene – to see what’s going on in our community, businesses and Walkabout dates.