Michelle-McKenney-02Yes I am a Beauty Addict! I have been so since as long as I can remember.  I have been addicted to all things fashion and beauty forever. In Pre-school I begged to have those white gogo boots like my friend! I was 3 or 4! At 13, I needed a job so I could maintain my weekly manicures! At 14, I was reading every sort of health book on skin and creating my own masques and remedies out of various foods, herbal remedies and the like. I was addicted to Makeup at a very early age as well. I was allowed to wear eyeshadow to church on Saturday evenings in elementary school and my love for Makeup continued to grow from there. I loved the cosmetic counters and  first had a professional Makeup application for Junior Prom. After that, I became a Makeup Artist groupie and followed certain ones all around and even to New York City in my late teens, early Twenties. If you are as old as me and as hip, Madeline Mono was my absolute favorite line then. Later on, I graduated to Christian Dior Makeup. My early career path was quite different than it is now however, after several years on a different path, I left it all for my premature mid-life crisis at 25 to attend Beauty School and become a licensed Esthetician. The rest is certainly history. I am grateful I made the choice to fulfill a lifelong dream and still do what I love to this day!